Do you Travel?

We are located in Florida and travel to any city within the State. (additional fees may apply)

How long have you been doing this?

Since Middle School and being in the Yearbook Club I have always enjoyed taking photographs. I have always been the friend who always has a camera, and a mom who takes wayyy to many pictures.

How many photos do we get?

20-30 per hour.

How do we get our photos?

We offer online galleries with a print store, or a flash drive USB.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes, This is my art and I want you to not only look your best but, be happy with your images.

Whats your turn around time?

We deliver your photos in 2-3 weeks on average.

How do we book you?

You can book right here on our website or contact us by phone or email.

Can you help us with planning?

We can help with wardrobe suggestions, location, style/ theme ideas!

More Questions?

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